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HetaOni - 2

- Thank you for watching the previous installment of "HetaOni". I made some changes in the game, so I began to play again from the beginning.

- My apologies to those who like horror, but I made this game so that it wouldn't be very scary. Thank you for understanding.

- And that is the end of the explanation for HetaOni. Continue?


- Obtained Fourth Floor Key

Japan: There are so many books here. If I weren't in such a hurry, I'd definitely leaf through them.

Japan: .........

Japan: Well... just one won't do any harm, right?

- Learned Japan's personal skill "Dismissal".


Items: Fourth Floor Key

Opens the attic on the fourth floor.

Skills: Dismissal

I'm sick of looking at your face!


Japan: It won't open.

Japan: It won't open.


- Used 4th Floor Key.


Japan: Oh, a mochi. Are you stuck?

Japan: Ah, I can't get you out. Not like this.

Japan: Poor thing... I think Germany might be able to get you out, though. I wonder if he would come here for that? Then again, maybe I will have to drag him out—No. Anyway, I'll ask him.


Japan: (What...? Was this door here before?! Is it just my imagination? I'm sure it wasn't an iron door, though...)

Japan: Um... Germany, do you have a minute?

Germany: Is that you, Japan? What's the matter?

Japan: You see, there's a mysterious mochi stuck in the wall in a room on the fourth floor. I feel a little sorry for it, so I was wondering if you could get it out...

Germany: I see. Okay, I'll go and get it out. I just have one favour to ask of you, though.

Japan: Sure, if it's something I can do.

Germany: You see, when I was running, I dropped my whip. I think we should have some kind of weapon in case that Thing shows up again. If it's not too much trouble, could you please look for it?

Japan: !

Japan: What a surprise! Actually, I found your whip a while ago!

Germany: Oh.

Japan: Wait, I'll pass it to you.

- Gave Whip back to Germany

Japan: It was lying on the bed next door.

Germany: Oh, I see... Erm... Thank you...

Japan: Not at all. I only found it by chance, after all. Now, let's go to the fourth floor—

Germany: Oh! Japan!! I'm sorry, but...

Japan: Yes? What is it?

Germany: Ah... I'm really, really sorry, but... actually, I'm hungry, too. Don't you have anything for me to eat?

Japan: To eat... I'm sorry, but I didn't bring any food with me. I didn't think to bring anything that could be used as an ingredient, either...

Germany: I see! So, if it's not too much trouble, could you go look for something to eat?

Japan: Whaaat?! Th-that's impossible! How can I find food in this place?!

Germany: Please! I have no strength right now. Anything is fine; just find me something, okay?

Japan: .........

Japan: *sigh* All right. I'll take another look around. I also have to look for Italy, anyway.

Germany: Really?! Thank you!! By the way, did you find my brother?

Japan: No... But he should be fine. Somehow.

Germany: Sorry for all the trouble. Oh, by the way, take /this/ with you.

- Received Beer.

Japan: (A drink?! And beer, at that?!)

Japan: Ah, thank you very much. I'll be going now, then.

Germany: Okay, thanks.


Items: Beer

Restores the MP of a single party member


Japan: (Just what on Earth is he doing in there?)


Japan: It seems to be locked.


Japan: This toilet... It seems that I can buy something from it if I insert money, somehow.

Japan: (buys Rice Ball)


Japan: Wow, it's pitch dark. Where is the switch....

- Found the switch. Press it?

Japan: !!!


8:14 - Dismissal

8:19 - YoU... WOn't... ESc...aPe......

8:30 - YoU... WOn't... ESc...aPe......

8:38 - Curse

8:40 - YoU... WOn't... ESc...aPe......

8:47 - Rice Ball

8:50 - YoU... WOn't... ESc...aPe......

8:55 - Dismissal

9:04 - Rice Ball

9:17 - Dismissal


Japan: (It turned the light off?!)

Japan: (Is it going to—)

Japan: What?!

Japan: It's gone...

Japan: (I'm worried about Italy. I'd better hurry.)

- Obtained "Bedroom Key"


- After this, he purchased Beer and Rice Ball and fully restored his HP and SP.


- It won't open.


Items: Bedroom Key

Opens the bedroom on the 2nd floor.

- Used Bedroom Key


- Lock the door?

Prussia: !!
             Who's there?!

Japan: Whoa! C-calm down! It's me!

Prussia: Oh, It's you, Japan? S-sorry.

Japan: Are you all right?

Prussia: There... there was a monster! I saw it!

Prussia: A stark-naked giant the color of rotten scone!!

Japan: .........

Prussia: It's true! We all saw it! Me and West and Italy, too!

Japan: Yes, I know.

Prussia: Before I knew it, I'd wound up here. Those two... I don't know where they went. Am I making any sense?

Japan: Yes, quite. That does make sense. I saw it, too.

Prussia: What the hell is that Thing?! O-oh, and what happened to the others?!

Japan: Please, calm down. Would you like me to bring you something to drink?

Prussia: What? Oh... Now that you mention it, I /am/ a little thirsty. Do you have some water or something?

Japan: No, but I can go and get some. Would you like me to?

Prussia: Yeah... No, wait. Never mind, I don't really need it. What happened to the other two?

Japan: Germany is on this same floor. He told me he was hungry. But I haven't found Italy. Do you have any idea where he could be?

Prussia: What?! Italy is missing?! Do you think that monster did something to him...?

Japan: We can't be 100% sure... But he's very fast and good at running away. I do believe he managed to escape somehow.

Prussia: All right, then I'll look for him, too! But first, let's go to where Germany is. What's he doing, anyway?

Japan: He said he was too hungry to move. Prussia, don't you have anything for him to eat?

Prussia: Something to eat... Now that you mention it, I did find some mushrooms when I was running away. Will that do?

Japan: That should do.

Prussia: All right! Then let's—

Japan: What's the matter?

Prussia: Don't you hear the sound of... something... getting closer?

Japan: .........

Prussia: Hey...

Prussia: If that thing on your waist isn't just for show, pull it out of the scabbard. If you don't want to be eaten...

Japan: Agreed.

Prussia: !!

Japan: ............

Prussia: ...... Is it gone?

Japan: Yes, probably.

Prussia: All right. That was a little scary, but now we should join West. Let's find Italy and get out of here as soon as possible!

Japan: Indeed.

- Prussia joined the party.


Prussia's skills: Bear the Cross - Meaning: And I'll protect our people with my brother

Prussia's equipments (left):

Lv   2
Strength             90
Defense              181
Magic defense        188

Prussia's equipments (right):

Weapon               Rusty Sword
Head                 Hannya Mask
Body                 Ordinary Clothes
Accessory            Sandals

Weapon: It hasn't been tended to since retirement. It's stylish, though.

Head: Mask given by Japan. It's scary, but he won't let go of it.

Body: Clothes that will probably need laundry soon

Accessory: Sandals that he has been wearing since the world meeting.


Prussia: Whoa!! I thought it was gone!!

Japan: Apparently not.

Prussia: The more I look at it, the scarier it looks!! I can't show my awesome techniques like this! Do something!

Japan: (Good grief...)

15:14 - Curse

15:17 - Bear the Cross

15:20 - YoU... WOn't... ESc...aPe......

15:28 - Curse

15:31 - Bear the Cross

15:40 - Curse

15:46 - YoU... WOn't... ESc...aPe......

15:54 - Dismissal

16:00 - YoU... WOn't... ESc...aPe......


Japan: This is the fortress where Germany is.

Prussia: It's pretty solid. Hey, West! Japan told me you were hungry! You want some mushrooms?

Germany: Is that you, Prussia? Are you all right?!

Prussia: Yeah, I'm fine! But I have bad news, too. Italy is still missing! And we have to help a mochi.

Germany: Hmm. All right. I'm done here, so let's go.

Prussia: I don't really get what we're supposed to do, but let's go to the fourth floor!

Germany: Can we come back here once in a while?

Japan: I don't mind, but... do you actually like narrow spaces?

Germany: Well, you could say I'm... used to them. There's a lot of room, though.

Japan: Oh...

- Leave the room?
   --Wait, wait.


- Germany joined the party.


Germany's skills: Torture Lv. 1 - I'll make you submit.

Germany's equipments (left):

Lv   3
Strength                 145
Defense                  158
Magic defense            161

Germany's equipments (right):

Weapon                   Whip
Shield                   Shield of Muscles
Head                     Tomitake Hat
Body                     Impeccable Clothes
Accessory                Manual

Weapon: Germany's personal whip. It's quite worn from use.

Shield: Shields are heresy. Muscles alone are more than enough.

Head: Handmade by Japan. If he doesn't wear it, he will get mad.

Body: Clothes without a single crease.

Accessory: A manual on how to deal with various situations.


Japan: Well?

Prussia: It's stuck pretty deep... Can you do it, West?

Germany: Ugh!!

Germany: Sorry. I can't do it with my bare hands. Maybe if I had some kind of tool...

Japan: A tool... Well, it's a big house. I'll take a look around.

Germany: Yeah. I'd be really thankful if you could find something useful.

Prussia: Oh, well. I guess we'll have to split up again to look for it.

Germany: Ngh—ahhhh!!

Prussia: Awesome face.

Japan: Well, then I'll be going ahead. I'll come back as soon as I find anything good.

Prussia: I'll look, too. Actually, I haven't looked around very much. Might as well do some exploration!

Germany: Thanks.


- Parted from Germany and Prussia.
"HetaOni, (The 16-part series, ongoing) is based off of the Japanese horror game "Ao Oni Jikkyou", replacing the canon characters with Hetalia characters. It originated on Nico Nico Douga by Tomoyoshi, entirely in Japanese, before being translated on YouTube by SotetAG.

The series starts off with the Axis Powers and Prussia after a World Conference Meeting, standing in front of a supposedly "haunted" mansion. They decide to go inside and explore. Soon they are interrupted when a plate breaks and Japan goes to investigate, but comes back to find the others have disappeared. After alien attacks and various other strange happenings, the Allies, and Canada, also arrive at the mansion, becoming locked in as well. Characters suddenly disappear and a time paradox is revealed. Eventually other characters, such as South Italy and Belarus, arrive as well."

-Hetalia Wiki
Original creator of HetaOni: [link]

Watch episode 2 of HetaOni on Youtube (With on screen subs, make sure to trun on CC):

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]

Watch with scripts and the raw video off of Nico Nico Douga here:

Raw video (If you have a Nico Nico Douga account): [link]
Raw video (If you don't have a Nico Nico Douga account): [link]
Script download: [link]

Orginal translation from:

YouTube: [link]
LiveJournal: [link]


Episode 2 of 16! I hope you enjoy! Please watch with the raw video or on Youtube, or this won't really make any sence!
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