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HetaOni - 3

- Obtained "Piece of Paper".

- Move the lever?
   --To the top
   --Down to the middle
   --Down to the bottom


- Obtained "Piece of Paper".

- Up is Heaven.
  The Middle is Earth.
  Down is Hell.

- Move the lever?
   --To the top
   --Down to the middle
   --Down to the bottom


- Unlocked.


Japan: Italy!!

Italy: Japan! You're okay!

Japan: Yes, thank God. Somehow.

Italy: Right after you left, a monster suddenly appeared from the hallway and came after us.

Italy: Germany was the first to scream. You... heard him, didn't you?

Japan: No, not at all...

Italy: I see. Germany's scream surprised me, too, and I was too confused at the time and tried to run away and leave you behind. I'm sorry, Japan...

Italy: But the front door wouldn't open no matter what and we split up while running way.

Japan: No need to apologize. Anyone would have done the same in a situation like that. Even me.

Japan: Still... what on Earth is going on in this house? The exit door and the windows can't be opened. Our cell phones don't work, either.

Italy: Yep. It looks like we're locked up.

Italy: But! I'm so glad I found you, Japan!! Aren't you hurt or anything? Aren't you hungry?

Japan: I'm fine. But... you're surprisingly calm about this, Italy. You were even wandering around the house...

Italy: Well... When that monster appeared, I wanted to cry and cling to Germany, but... well, both Germany and Prussia were falling apart, too.

Italy: So I figured /someone/ needed to keep a level head, and even I was amazed by how calm I felt! And then I began to look around for everyone so we could get out of here as soon as possible!

Japan: That makes sense... I was surprised at first, too, but after seeing everyone else so flustered, I felt oddly calm.

Italy: So, what about Germany and Prussia? Haven't you found them yet?

Japan: No, I've found them. They're on the fourth floor, but I'll explain the details on the way. They were both very worried about you. You'd better go and see them as soon as possible.

Italy: Ah, okay! Let's go together, then! I found some stuff when I was exploring, so I'll leave them with you.

Italy: I also made pasta~ You can have that, too.

- Italy joined the party.

- Received from Italy
  5 x Rice Ball
  3 x Beer
  150 Heta

- Fully restored HP and SP with Italy's refreshments.


Items: Piece of Paper B

Paper torn in half. Just because it's B doesn't mean there is also an A.

Italy's skill (1): Carbonara - Restores a little the HP of a single party member

Italy's skill (2): Peperoncino - Reduces the speed of a single enemy.

Italy's skill (3): Vongole - Increases the strength of a single party member.

Italy's equipments (left):

Lv   4
Strength                55
Defense                 167
Magic defense           153

Italy's equipments (right):

Weapon                  Bible
Head                    Silk Hat
Body                    Stylish Clothes
Accessory               Stylish Boots

Weapon: He has it memorized and often reads it out loud.

Head: He uses it to flirt. It doesn't help.

Body: Fashionable in several places. There is candy in the pockets.

Accessory: Japan bought them. Wearing them for the first time!


Japan: !!

Italy: Aaargh! Japan! The Thing!! It's the Thing!!

Prussia: Tsk... You came too soon! Japan!! Take Italy with you and run!!

Germany: Italy! You're all right!

Italy: G-Germany~ Ve... Your face looks weird...

Prussia: Me and West will take care of this!! Just go, quickly!

Japan: .........

Prussia: Japan!!!

Japan: My, my... I must be losing my hearing in my old age. I can't hear you at all.

Prussia: Huh?! Hey, Italy!!

Italy: Oh, um... I suddenly got deaf, too!

Germany: Italy!! You—!!

Japan: Isn't this nostalgic? Once again, I draw my sword in the name of the Axis.

Italy: Now that you mention it~ We've been in peace for a while now, so I'd completely forgotten about it~

Germany: Italy... Japan...

Japan: It is my honourable duty to fight along with you. Let's go, Italy.

Italy: Y-yeah!


7:34 - Peperoncino

7:38 - Dismissal

7:45 - Bear the Cross

7:48 - Torture Lv. 1

8:01 - Vongole

8:04 - Dismissal

8:09 - Bear the Cross

8:14 - DIE!

8:28 - Carbonara

8:31 - Dismissal

8:38 - DIE!

8:56 - Carbonara

8:59 - Rice Ball

9:02 - Rice Ball

9:04 - Rice Ball

9:16 - Carbonara

9:21 - Dismissal


Japan: It disappeared...

Italy: Ve~ It really is a ghost...

Germany: Italy!

Japan: Are you hurt?

Prussia: The hell?! You totally ignored what I said!

Germany: I thought the two of us alone could do something about it... Sorry. You really helped. Are you okay?

Italy: Yep. But I'm so relieved now! You two ran away really fast, so I'd been wondering what had happened to you.

Japan: I am really glad that everyone is all right. Now, what are we going to do from here?

Prussia: Yeah. That Thing could show up here again, so we should move to a room that is as safe as possible. Besides, if the four of us stick together, it won't be so scary.

Germany: Good idea, Prussia!! Now, let's search for a room that looks as safe as possible. And let's not split up, of course.

Italy: Roger, Sergeant!!

- All joined the party.


- Obtained "Wooden Box"

Item: Wooden Box

Light-weighted box made of wood.


- Move the lever?
   --To the top
   --Down to the middle
   --Down to the bottom

- Obtained "Second Floor Key".


Items: Second Floor Key

Solid key. It opens the living rooms on the second floor.


- Used "Second Floor Key".

- Lock the door?
   --Lock it firmly.
   --Go out for a moment.

Japan: I feel as if I'm forgetting something.
       Let's walk around a little more.

- Lock the door?
   --Lock it firmly.
   --Go out for a moment.


- There is something under the table.

- Obtained "Matchbox"

- Opened the drawer.

- Found "First-Aid Kit"; party fully recovered.

- There is nothing.


Item: Piece of Paper B

Item: Matchbox

Contains 12 matches.


- Lock the door?
   --Lock it firmly.
   --Go out for a moment.


Prussia: We can't get too careless, but I think we're safe here, for now. We have the key, and the door is firmly locked from inside.

Japan: It is only temporary, but it should do for one night, I suppose...

Italy: One night is good enough for me. I'm really tired from running around~

Germany: You're right. We ran a lot for one day. It makes me feel like having some beer...

Italy: I'm a little cold, too... I wonder if it's because of this house?

Japan: If I'm not mistaken, we found some matches. There is also enough firewood for one night, so we can warm up.

Germany: Hm. I'll do it, then.

Prussia: Ooh! That's nice, huh?

Japan: Yes. I feel much better now that we have some light. And now I'm not alone, either.

Italy: Yeah~ But it was really scary at first! Even though Germany was the first to run away, it was me that monster chased after!

Prussia: Yeah, you're right. I remember thinking, "No, not my precious little Italy!!" and then both the monster and Italy disappeared! And West had vanished, too.

Germany: I hate supernatural things! B-besides... it's not like I just ran and hid—Well, never mind now. As long as we're all okay, it doesn't matter.

Japan: Yes, exactly. Besides, rather than think about how we acted in the past, we should discuss what to do from now on.

Italy: Yeah. I searched the house for a way out, but there really isn't any. Everything is locked... it's horrible!

Germany: I see. We can only conclude that that monster has really made us prisoners here. Though, having no way out is what really bothers me...

Japan: Indeed... I really wish I could go home. I've been waiting for several games that will be released soon...

Italy: Me, too. I can't eat pasta or pizza like this!

Prussia: Um, hey, you keep talking about a way out... If all the exits are locked, why don't we just /make/ one ourselves?

Prussia: Didn't you do that when you were prisoners of war, too? It's time to put that into practice now!

Japan: Huhu. That brings me memories, too. I miss those times when I kept trying to commit seppuku.

Italy: Germany worked hard to make us a way out. But this time, I'll do all I can, too!

Germany: All right, all right. So, the plan for tomorrow is to make a way out. We can't forget about that.

Japan: Right. Well, now, I don't know what time it is, but let's sleep here tonight.

Italy: My watch broke when I wasn't looking, too!

Germany: !
         Wait. Won't it be dangerous if we all fall asleep? I think one of us should stay up to keep watch.

Japan: You definitely have a point. So, shall we play janken to decide fairly who will keep watch tonight?

Italy: Jan—ke? What are the rules?

Japan: Well, er... It's a very simple game. You play by showing three types of hand-signs...

Prussia: Whatever, let's do it already! I'm really tired! I wanna sleep!!

Germany: Prussia, wait just a little.

Japan: —and "guu" beats "choki". You can throw "guu", "choki", or "paa".

Italy: Ah, it's a little like "la morra". Okay, I got it, Japan! Let's do it!

Japan: Let's go, then. Jan-ken—


Some clarifications:

Janken is better-known in the western world as rock-paper-scissors. "Guu" is rock, "choki" is scissors, and "paa" is paper.

"La morra", or "la morra cinese", is the Italian version of the game.))


Prussia: Ah... Seriously, it's so fun being alone~

Prussia: But those three, they're really sound asleep...

Prussia: *sigh* If only I had a computer, then I could update my blog... All I can do now is take pictures of their sleeping faces.

Prussia: It's just... their serious faces when we were playing janken... they looked awesome. I couldn't resist them.

Prussia: .......

Prussia: Sunsun.

Prussia: ... I'm kinda cold. The fire is... strong enough. What the hell? I just felt a chill run down my spine...

Prussia: !!

Prussia: L-look, this isn't funny... I'm—just hearing things, right?

Prussia: Th-there's no one here!! No one!! Why aren't those three waking up, anyway? Can't they hear anything?

Prussia: Hah! Th-that's it! I've got it! I'll use Japan's strategy and pretend I'm not here! If I turn off my aura, I won't be found!

Prussia: ... I guess I can't do it. Right. I have no choice, then.

Prussia: Forgive me... It's tough being alone.

Prussia: ......... Shit, no! I won't die yet!!


- You cannot easily set foot
  into that "mysterious mansion"
  in your town.
  Because if you anger its former occupant, you will not get away lightly...

- Especially when there is no one there...


China: It's really here!

England: I thought it was just a rumour... but it's really here.

France: This desolate feel gives it a rather nice touch, don't you think?

Canada: I don't think it's very interesting, though.

America: ?
         Did you hear a voice just now?

Russia: Oh, America, you tease~! We didn't hear anything, did we?

Canada: .........

America: Still... it doesn't really look like a very fun place.

England: .........

Russia: Well, why don't we take a little look and then go back? I think we can leave before nightfall.

China: Yeah, I don't want to stay here for long, either!

France: Well, then, shall we go in?


Russia: The rumours say that there are ghosts here, right? That's why nobody comes near the place...

America: No wonder. It's such an eerie place.

Canada: Huh? How unusual of you, America. Are you scared?

America: No! But it's a little—Huh? Where's everyone else?

Russia: Um... They said they would leave the first floor to us and then they went right up to the second floor.

America: Hmm. Then we'll—


France: It's cleaner than I thought, isn't it?

England: Y-yeah, but... um, can we go now?

France: What's the matter, England? Are you scared?

England: O-of course not, you idiot!! That's not it; it's just that this place is sort of—

China: *sigh* This is totally silly. There are no ghosts here. You can go back.

France: Hey, are you going to look around on your own?

China: I'll just peek into this room here. It smells a little bad.

England: What? Isn't that a little risky? W-wait!
"HetaOni, (The 16-part series, ongoing) is based off of the Japanese horror game "Ao Oni Jikkyou", replacing the canon characters with Hetalia characters. It originated on Nico Nico Douga by Tomoyoshi, entirely in Japanese, before being translated on YouTube by SotetAG.

The series starts off with the Axis Powers and Prussia after a World Conference Meeting, standing in front of a supposedly "haunted" mansion. They decide to go inside and explore. Soon they are interrupted when a plate breaks and Japan goes to investigate, but comes back to find the others have disappeared. After alien attacks and various other strange happenings, the Allies, and Canada, also arrive at the mansion, becoming locked in as well. Characters suddenly disappear and a time paradox is revealed. Eventually other characters, such as South Italy and Belarus, arrive as well."

-Hetalia Wiki


Original creator of HetaOni: [link]

Watch episode 3 of HetaOni on Youtube (With on screen subs, make sure to trun on CC):

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]

Watch with scripts and the raw video off of Nico Nico Douga here:

Raw video (If you have a Nico Nico Douga account): [link]
Raw video (If you don't have a Nico Nico Douga account): [link]
Script download: [link]

Orginal translation from:

YouTube: [link]
LiveJournal: [link]



Episode 3 of 16! I hope you enjoy! Please watch with the raw video or on Youtube, or this won't really make any sence!
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